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29 before 29

— Bake a loaf of bread from scratch.

— Go to Yosemite.

— Make a necklace for myself every month.

— Renew my passport.

— Take a skiing lesson.

— Welcome a group of friends into my home once every two months. 

—Take a cooking class.

— Go to a Cardinals game, preferably two: one in San Francisco and one in St. Louis.

— Purchase and learn to use my Canon camera (finally!).

— Go horseback riding.

— Cook with six new veggies/fruits, preferably from the farmers market.

— Use the library’s new Spanish language software to relearn basic words.

— Kayak and paddleboard in at least one new location.

— Discover a new writer.

— Handwrite a letter a month.

— Learn how to can or jar something.

— Create a Super 8 video.

— Purchase supplies to be able to whip up three different cocktails for guests.

— Go to a play.

— Make and hang a piece of artwork in my home.

— Scale down my bloggers on Bloglovin’ and make it a point to read it once a week.

— Try the Ripped class at the gym.

— Make and print an Artifact Uprising book.

— Cook one recipe from the Kinfolk cookbook every month.

— Go to Daffodil Hill.

— Take a beading/jewelry class to learn a new skill.

— Try 12 new beers.

— Volunteer at least five times.

— Give thanks every day with a thanks jar. 

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  1. mpavia211 permalink
    March 20, 2011 8:12 pm

    I stumbled upon your blog just browsing through the Travel tags. I really LOVE this page. I’m going out on a limb here – this seems to be a list of things you want to do before turning 26? I just turned 25 last month so this really hit home for me. I’m going to make a similar list for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

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