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Remember spring swaps snow for leaves

March 10, 2015



Daffodil Hill has always been a special place for me. Yes, I had never been there until this year, but I’ve always wanted to walk along the rows of yellow, orange and peach flowers fluttering in the wind. For four weeks a year (during a good year), the McLaughlin family opens the doors of their family ranch to visitors who love to see the beautiful blossoms breaking through the ground.


Last year, Ryan and I went up to the area before Daffodil Hill opened, so I could write a story about Daffodil Hill and other stops people can have on their way to the flower fields. We hiked through a cave, went to Volcano, the cute little town near Daffodil Hill, and even visited Fiddletown, which had a giant fiddle on top of the community center.  We intended to go back to see the flowers but then a hail storm damaged all of the flowers in late March, ending the season early. The typical season usually goes from mid-March and ends in mid-April but this year with the drought, the flowers came up early so they opened the ranch in February.

So we decided to take off a Monday (the weekends are usually packed) and drove through the windy roads of Amador County. We stopped in Sutter Creek for lunch and a quick walk through town.

We arrived at the ranch to see the thousands of flowers scattered around the property. It was a relaxing day smelling the flowers, strolling the rows and watching kids squeal with delight at the peacocks and the flowers. We can’t wait to go back next weekend. Here are some more pics, edited by the talented Ryan:




IMG_2105 IMG_2126


IMG_2131 IMG_2127






IMG_2101 IMG_2108


IMG_2154 IMG_2139


IMG_2093 IMG_2116


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