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A lovely life: Fall edition

November 21, 2012

This morning I am sipping coffee, listening to the water drain from last night’s rain and petting a purring sitting under my chair. It feels like a moment of peace has been a  long time coming. This has been a month of extremes: a weekend chalked full of kayaking and going to a concert at a local bar and then a weekend of food poisoning and Netflix.

Fall has arrived and every where I look the colors are dazzling. After reading blogs for two months about fall starting everywhere but California, I say it’s about time.

I handmade some cinnamon apple dumplings.

And I spotted crab apples for the first time.

Realizing that sunlight is now precious after the time change (literally Lauren and I both had days where we didn’t see the sun at all at work), we have built little outings into our day-to-day routine. We eat lunch at Lodi Lake and have started our afternoon walks again where we look for treasures, like campers.

Last week, I talked with my wonderful friend, Beena, who just gave birth to a beautiful son named Ashoka John. I am so glad mom,  dad and baby are healthy and happy. I put together a little package for him, and I loved thinking about their brand new family while shopping. He is the cutest, and I cannot wait to meet him and read “Goodnight Moon,” my favorite childhood book.

Lauren and Dan won an award for a story they worked on about one of our newspaper carriers, Jeff Kooyman. This week everyone was finally in the same place to take a picture with the plaque. I was so excited for both of them to be recognized for their amazing talent, and I was also excited for Jeff because he was so proud to be featured. If you haven’t read the story and watched the video, you should take a look.

I started a new planner that I love, love, love and Lauren made me a cute little bottle for my desk.

My friends Christy and Dan came down from Sacramento for some fall kayaking with Andrea and Mike, and we went to catch the last little bit of  the cranes flying in. Kayaking is quickly becoming one of my favorite weekend activities. I still need to develop the photos from my instant camera. (Photo courtesy of Dan)

The next day, Sara and I went to the Whiskey Barrel Saloon for an AC/DC Tribute band. So much hair. So much hair. I really love the feel of this bar.

And then food poisoning. But at least I had Katie and Dan’s animals to nap with me every afternoon, and I caught up on Parks and Recreation.

And also, FaceTiming with animals. During a much needed conversation with the lovely Abby, her cat, Gulliver, was able to meet I-Lean for the first time. He was so happy he yawned. Later that day, my dog Willie and I said hello. He always sniffs the air while I’m talking. This for sure helped speed up the healing process.

So in short, life has been really wonderful lately. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. November 21, 2012 6:34 pm

    What a pretty post Ms. Maggie…love all your photos! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. November 28, 2012 6:17 pm

    These are great photos! I know what you mean- we don’t get much of a fall in AZ either 🙂 Those apple dumplings look amazing!

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