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A whimsical holiday sale

December 9, 2011

Do you believe in whimsy? When was the last time you paused during a moment in your life and thought, “hey, that was a really good heart-happy moment right there?” That’s whimsy.

Whimsy comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes from a craft project that you sweated over for hours. It comes from a 22-second squealing penguin video. It comes from lying to strangers on a plane. It comes from saying bite me to Tinkerbell.

Maybe some of you are wondering over the past month why I have filled your Twitter and Facebook with references to the two W’s: Wendy and whimsy. They all relate to the new eBook I wrote with my 11 other lovely ladies that will teach adults (who hate the term adults) how to still find magic in the day-to-day grind of work, chores, errands, drama and all the other stuff that gets in the way from you finding happiness. It gives real life examples, and goals for you to reach to lead a more silly, fun, relaxed  and hopefully healthier life.

So why Wendy? Let me let the lovely Annie Passanisi explain:

J.M. Barrie’s famous heroine, the paramour of Peter Pan, is painted as the very pink of youthful zeal and girlish charm until the last chapter of the book and then WHAM – she booked a one way ticket on the Crone Express. She realizes she must leave Neverland to grow up (good girl, Wendy), forgets how to fly (bad bad BAD girl, Wendy) and ships her children and grandchildren off to have fun in her place (oh, come on! Seriously?).

Wendy’s story, as beautiful as it began, has one very simple moral: when you grow up, your life (and all its joys)… just… stops.

But that doesn’t have to be the case! Here’s what two lovely ladies told me after reading the book:

“This book made me so grateful there are other women out there who want to grow up without being boring. A little whimsy is exactly what I needed.” — Shannon Jewitt

“A reminder that it’s okay to be happy and silly, to expect more from every day, and that it doesn’t matter if I’m sometimes unsure of the big picture. This is something that uplifts me every time I read the stories of women who find whimsy their own way, whether dredging their own course with tools like a white board and marker, trying out a fake identity on a stranger, or finding true happiness with a penguin on a YouTube video.” — Lauren Nelson (Read more here).

So basically you need this book. You can read it on the computer, any e-readers and some phones. (Cue used care salesman’s voice): So now that you’ve heard what this book can do for you let me tell you about our low introductory rate. From this moment through midnight on Friday, you can name your own price on this little gem. Anywhere from $10 on up. What a steal. <Cue enthusiastic audience gaps>

But seriously take advantage of our pay what you wish sale and get this book for not only yourself but for all the other Wendys on your Christmas list! Oh, and have a lovely day.

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