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What’s my whimsy today?

November 8, 2011

Oh, thanks for asking. Right now, it’s sitting at my desk and squealing for joy over this wondrous video of the Whimsical Wendys.

Guess what? Tomorrow we launch Whimsy for Wendys, and you can finally read our hilarious, light-hearted, informative and inspiring eBook that the lovely Annie Passanisi put together. I still have no idea how she found so many wonderful women that get exactly where I am in my life. It is the perfect book for those making a transition. I myself am moving from a college mindset to an “I am gainfully employed but don’t want to become a stick in the mud” mindset (I know, it’s been three years since college. I never said it was a quick transition). I think almost every woman is going to relate to every single one of these chapters and learn about themselves and how to find a little bit of whimsy in day-to-day life. Heck, I think most men are going to love this book too!

Please join us tomorrow on Google+ for a dance party where we will have giveaways about every hour and a half. (Just add Annie Passanisi and join her hangout throughout the day.) I will be on from 10-11 a.m. and 8-10 p.m. CST, and then popping in throughout the day. You can also participate by following us on Twitter at #whimsyforwendys. Also, you can post your best 1-minute dance party to YouTube or Vimeo and then Tweet it with the hashtag #whimsyforwendys or #1minutedanceparty to win the ultimate Wendy prize pack — 8 prizes! 8! I’m so jealous of the person who wins this!

So enjoy this video. Get ready for a life-changing experience. Because we are taking over this world and making it so much more whimsical!

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