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I wish I had a pencil thin mustache.

November 4, 2011

Day 17 of 30 Pictures in 30 Days/Day 2 of the 30 Days of Good

So on Wednesday, my task was to photograph a pet. The only problem is I am pet-less. So instead I decided to highlight the housewarming gifts that Dan and I have received so far. I have such wonderful (like really, really baller) friends who have helped me through every moment of this moving process. The lovely Miss Lauren and Miss Cindy helped me move on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure I would of had like five breakdowns without them.

Lauren came up and helped me load the biggest truck ever that I was terrified to drive. My friend, Ramon, loaned it to me, and the move wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for him. Then, Cindy and Lauren cleaned my fridge and lined my bathroom cabinets. You cannot believe how excited I was to bring my groceries in and not have to worry about a mess.

Cindy gave me the best gift ever, a mustache collage! I squealed when I first laid eyes on it. It is beyond amazing, and Dan was really excited about it too. Cindy is just an amazing artist, and I’ve always wanted one of her precious and wonderful pieces, and I will cherish it forever. Make sure you go check out her beautiful website that will give you inspiration for days.

Lauren, who likes pretty much everything that I love in this world, surprised Dan and I with this fancy pants pipe that will fit perfectly with our mustache and typewriter collection. I am missing her so much, but I love that she is having such a fun time with her sister on their cross country road trip. They are almost to DC! And she put it in a gnome bag! So awesome!

 And finally, Dan’s friends gifted us an awesome assortment of games, which was funny because we both had been talking about how much we love Scrabble and how we needed to buy Apples to Apples. Problem solved! I’m sure these will be used non-stop.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have helped me with this move. You are the best!

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