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Sure, I’ve got pictures of my own, of the people and the places that I’ve known.

November 1, 2011

So real talk. I have utterly failed at my 30 Photos in 30 Days… once again. This past week I had a long list of things that happened that apparently made me way more busy and exhausted than I expected. Yet they were all pretty delightful:

— My Cardinals won the World Series! Mr. Spook was obviously rooting for them as you can see. Game 6 was probably the best baseball game I have ever witnessed! I was physically shaking the whole time. You better believe I flailed in a weird victory dance after Game 7!

I was one of the Cardinals fans that kind of stopped following along when we were 10 1/2 games out from the Wild Card, but I definitely was cheering for them as we approached the playoffs.

One thing that sucks about the West Coast? Games always started at 5 p.m. or earlier, so I usually missed the first couple of innings, but I followed along on Gameday. I also really loved reading all my friends Twitter/Facebook updates about the games since I do not know any Cardinals fans out here.

I watched the game with Amber Dodd, a diehard Rangers fan, which make it way more fun. We screamed. We talked smack. It almost came to blows. After Game 7, she tried to strangle me. Really, she did.

— We enjoyed a lovely Halloween potluck at work. I love the holidays because there are so many delicious foods just waiting to be sampled. I’m planning on going vegetarian for the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If I have the will power to make it through all those holiday parties, then it will be a big accomplishment! Although I have to say I can’t wait for turkey, and am pondering making one this year for our next work potluck in November!

— I went to a Zombie Walk! In Lodi! The event was totally uncharacteristic of this small town, but we had a blast running after the undead beings and squealing when they growled at us. Check out the lovely Miss Lauren’s pictures of the carnage. She also left to drive with her sister to DC Monday night, so I packed up a little goodie bag for her to take and tried not to like grab her leg to prevent her from leaving for a week. Work, lunch, weekends and life is just not the same without her around!

— Oh, and I moved to Lodi! That was kind of a big deal. I’m still unpacking and settling into a lovely little apartment that feels like a house with my friend and co-worker Dan Evans. So far, we have set up the kitchen, watched a really great and pretty indescribable movie called Bunny and the Bull (go watch it now!), made a million trips to buy essentials that neither of us own, met the neighbors (and received cookies from one of them), and  watched some of our favorite episodes of South Park.

I’m pretty pumped to not only have a roomie, but a big enough house where people can drop by and come hang out for a while. This is Dan showing how big our living room is. This photo also thoroughly creeps me out.

 — AND I’ve been working on a really, really amazing project that I think will revolutionize this world! Sneak peak: It involves me being a Whimsy Warrior! I want to do a whole separate post on it, so I’ll make sure to write about it sometime this evening.

So getting back to the whole not taking picture thing… I am a bit disappointed in myself. Until I saw this. I’ve been following the Daily GOOD challenges for a couple months, but have not invested myself into one yet. You better believe I’m doing this one! You should do it too!

First picture is street photography, so I think I’ll go explore Downtown Lodi today.

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  1. November 1, 2011 6:13 pm

    Hi Mags! So glad you love your new digs…so great to know you’re a bit closer : ) Also glad to see you post on your blog….miss seeing your fun pics and sweet thoughts. Have a snazzy day sweet one~

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