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The simplest things they buy the thrill just by noticing at will.

September 12, 2011

I am having a delightful Monday, partly because of a visitor I had this morning. As I was taking the trash out this morning, I found this little guy on my screen door. More specifically, on the door handle.

With the very notable exception of roaches (ick!), I tend to like bugs. As long as they are not crawling on me. If a spider or moth ventures into my apartment, I usually catch them in a glass and take them back to their outdoor home.

I think I have a special place in my heart for praying mantids (yep, that’s the plural version. The more you know!). They are so intricate and alien looking. I once had a praying mantis ride on my windshield all the way from Sacramento to Lodi. I may or may not have chatted with it, and then wished it well on its travels. I just think they are exotic enough to remind you of the remarkableness of nature without freaking your out.

Another thing making this Monday feel less like a Monday is this wonderful video from the dreamy band, Little Joy. They are so cute I’m pretty sure my heart broke into little pieces when I first saw this video.

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