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I’m not made for pavin’ long roads. I ain’t cut out to climb high line poles. But I’m pretty good at drinkin beer.

September 12, 2011

Our office has a collective anticipation for Thursday nights.

During the summer in Lodi, the city shuts down the main drag, and there is a pretty sizeable farmers market featuring a ton of fruit and veggie vendors. There also is live music, a beer and wine garden and an area with brats, hummus and other tasty treats.

But we really only care about one thing. The Dancing Fox. This place is a lovely restaurant, bakery and winery more reminiscent of Napa than Lodi.

We love this place because they keep unique beers on tap. Oh, and we get free glasses! I love free glasses! Well, it’s not really free, but you pay an extra $1 or so and you get to keep a little keepsake of your evening out. I have a pantry of these pint glasses, which one of these days I’ll have to blog about. But for now, back to Thursday nights.

As a nerd in college, I never really got to experience the party atmosphere  because usually I was at the college paper, hyped up on Mountain Dew and writing or editing.

So now that I have a real job, it’s time to party.

I swear we know how to party better than this. After our friend, Joelle, moved onto a new job this July in Bakersfield, we started taking a pic every week of one of us looking sad. So we decided to do a baby photo shoot with that theme. Katie and Dan did a good job of looking uninterested.

Ed gave me a good snarl.

Ross looks displeased.

I gave my best MySpace face.

And Dan not smiling once again.

This little guy apparently liked my beer too. Gross. He is also sad because he is dead.

Maybe next time we’ll work on happy pictures.

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  1. September 12, 2011 3:43 pm

    What a great post….can tell you’re a “real” writer. Very funny and the pictures rock….iphone? Miss seeing you chickadee…I have a sad face too.

  2. Maggie permalink*
    September 14, 2011 8:44 pm

    Well, hello love! I was just talking about your awesome cake with all of the broaches. We shall reunite soon, and it will be awesome! Maybe even at the art show next weekend. I’m planning to stop in for a visit. It’s been such a hectic summer, I feel like I haven’t gotten to see some lovely friends in a long time!
    Pics are actually from my Android. I finally found a good photo app! Hope life is lovely.

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