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I met a girl with autumn in her eyes and summer in the way.

September 7, 2011

Today I felt the first hint of fall. While driving home, I rolled down the windows, sang my little heart out to the radio and felt the warm breeze whip through the car. This time of year, my 35 minute drive home is always so remarkable as the sun sets behind the mountains, casting shadows over trees and fields.

I love summer. I absolutely love it, and I always hate to see it go. But I also love the in between time — when you sweat on a 90 degree day and then grab a sweater because it’s surprisingly chilly the next. I think it’s the Midwesterner in me.

This year, I think the summer might stretch into October. While I’m excited for sweaters and hot cocoa, I might still keep adding cucumber and basil to my drinks at least for a little while.

I had a pretty wonderful weekend. Here’s five things that made it great.

1. Paddleboarding. We hit the waves of the Mokelumne to try our hand, at what I can best describe as surfing with a canoe paddle. It was a blast, and I had so much fun with my favorite gals in Lodi. I found myself jumping off the paddleboards every couple of minutes to cool off in the water.

2. Sleeping in. It’s been a while since I’ve really been lazy and stayed in bed. So I made up for it on Sunday with a four-hour nap. Sometimes you need that.

3. Pippi Longstocking. Miss Lauren introduced me to one of her favorite childhood heroes while I strung together beads and she prepared for an upcoming art show. I kind of want to be Pippi, and I soon found myself singing along with the precocious redhead. She is such a great inspiration for young ladies because she goes on adventures, outsmarts mean-spirited adults and welcomes all children no matter what their background.

4. Reading “Tales of the City” over a beer while sitting on an outdoor patio.

5. Seeing lovely friends that I haven’t been able to spend enough time with in a while.

I leave you with the newest addition to the family care of Abbeebeee. I love him. I think his name should be Beauregard, but I’m still unsure.

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  1. Lauren permalink
    September 7, 2011 9:19 pm

    I can’t agree more. I love this feeling of being in between the seasons. Still, my heart is sad I missed Dillon Beach and camping this year. But who says you can’t do that in early fall? We shall see.

    Yes, it’s about time for another round of Maupin.

    So glad you enjoyed Pippi. I told my sister I have it and she just scoffed and said, “Oh, God no!” LOL. Whatever. She’s on our home video singing it as much as I am.

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