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All I wanted now was a 2% voice, so that you would sing along.

May 9, 2011

What a perfect weekend. I’m feeling quite recharged and my creative juices are flowing. Instead of 5 Senses Monday, I would like to just list off a few of the things that made this weekend so wonderful.

• Feeling thankful for my mom. Miss Lois Creamer has always been there and is the most positive person I know. She has the special talent of being able to tell it to me straight, and is the first person who I call with any angst or exciting news. Nothing beats advice from mom. I’m so sad to not be with her on this Mother’s Day, but am excited for the adventures we will have when I go home in June. Plus,  I am so glad she is enjoying herself at the beach with her best friend, Diane, who is the other lovely lady in the picture above. Love you mom!

• The warmth of sipping whiskey while listening to the lovely Ezza Rose play a house party in Davis. The beauty of the string instruments all plucking away at once while the girls’ voices soar is not something to be missed. Also, the venue — a small room behind a house with bright green walls and filled with college kids — was a fun reminder of Como days.

• The sight of six of my favorite and new favorite folks snoozing away in every corner of my baby apartment. We stayed up late giggling, whispering and playing card games, and it was so delightful to spend time with Kyle, a lovely friend from the STL, and other friends like Patti and Ezza, who I’ve met through this California adventure.

• Discovering new art while on a stroll. I headed to a wine and art show with Chris and his always welcoming friends. I found a photographer, who discovers vibrant colors with his lens and is dedicated to only shooting film. There also was a lady who created trees out of cast iron, another booth with beautifully twisted rings and occasionally a few oddities, like the all wooden spoon booth.

• Watching all the glorious awkwardness of prom. For a story, Miss Lauren followed a couple juniors from the getting ready stage to their first slow dance at prom. I tagged along so we could talk about how old we felt while she wasn’t scribbling down notes or taking pictures.

We both chatted about our proms as we watched girls “get low” with their dates and couples make out in the courtyard. Also, I constantly remarked on a new trend of flowing white dresses that are more reminiscent of a wedding then a school shindig.

We also recounted our own proms. My date was the gorgeous Sera Hayes, pictured above, and we went to the oh so classy Denny’s for dinner. Also, in probably one of the more touching moments of my life, I managed to convince the whole prom party to stop off at the hospital to visit my mom, who was recovering from surgery. We not only made my mom’s night, but also all the nurses and other patients who doted over how pretty we all looked.

• The feeling of sleepyness while watching movies. After our big prom adventure, I stayed at Miss Lauren’s to celebrate Mother’s Day with one of the second families I have out here. We ate breakfast burritos, which took me back to camping at Dillon’s Beach, took the dog for a walk and watched Away We Go and Love and Other Drugs while Lauren edited pictures that made me wish I was 16 again.

• Gifts from the ever so talented Cindy DeLuz. I’m constantly following this lovely lady through updates from Lauren and online, and she never fails to amaze me with her never-ending creativity. I won an oh so sweet bracelet in her recent goofy giveaway. It was accompanied by a wonderful frog pencil holder with a photo of several mustached gentleman (she knows me too well!) and another surprise on the back, which I will share later this week.

• My weekend ended with Ezza Rose’s new CD pouring out the windows as I drove home into this breath-taking sunset. Sometimes when all of the little things add up life is just too lovely.

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  1. May 29, 2011 1:55 am

    I am the luckiest mom in the world to have Maggie Creamer as my daughter. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve her, I love her more than words can say.

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