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I’ve been waiting for this hour, history you’re ours.

February 20, 2011

Happy Sunday to everyone. I have about 15 blogs ready to go, but today I thought I would show you a couple photos from about three weekends ago. Christine Bedell, a lovely lady who also happens to be my wonderful former boss from Bakersfield, visited me, and we took in quite a few lovely sites in Sacramento.

One of my goals for the year is to go to one new destination that is historically, socially or artistically significant in the city where I live. I decided that is a worthy goal after Christine and I went to several places I have never gone to despite living in Sacramento for two years.

The first is the wonderful Crocker Art Museum. To be fair, it’s been closed for renovations for quite a while, but I still don’t know how I haven’t gone and explored this gem. They currently have a visiting exhibition from Gottfried Helnwein, an artist who grew up in post-WWII Austria. In the current exhibit of Inferno of the Innocents, he takes pictures and then modifies them with oil and acrylic paint. He often pictures children in violent or uncomfortable situations because he believes protecting the innocence of children is key to our society.

I found these pictures of a girl especially eerie because of how he uses light.

The museum is incredibly unique because it includes the preserved home that the Crocker family owned. It is filled with art and descriptions of how the Crockers founded the museum.

Our weekend also included a trip to the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park. Despite living only a couple blocks away, I never knew they did tours of the mansion. Our tour guide was very funny, and really helped us visualize who lived in the mansion and what their day-to-day life was like.

While not historically significant, we also ate some delicious crepes from Crepeville. You should come visit, so you can eat some too.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and enjoys having Monday off.

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