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Rain, rain, please don’t go away

October 18, 2010


Since I don’t have to work until 3 p.m., I figured that it would be perfect time to do a 5 Senses Monday, which is modeled after Miss Lauren’s blog. This weekend was so delightful, and I was able to see quite a few of my friends and enjoy perfect weather.

Feeling: Wet. It rarely rains in California, but on Sunday, it was sprinkling all day. Lauren and I had brunch in Folsom and then walked around in the rain not caring that we were completely soaked. It was so refreshing.

Tasting: A pomegranate mimosa. Yum.

Hearing: The smack of rugby players crashing into each other at Joelle’s game. Those girls are tough, and I’m always amazed that they can get slammed to the ground but still get up.

Smelling: Piles of fresh laundry after doing three full loads.

Seeing: About 12 kids so happy to be reunited at Joelle’s house. Her sister was in town, and it was fun to watch kids of all ages giggle, squeal and run in circles. At the same time, it was also incredibly overwhelming. When they went to bed, it was also nice to enjoy the quiet.

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