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In the afternoon you’re out on the stone and grass, and I’m sleeping on the balcony after class.

October 11, 2010

That Vampire Weekend line always makes me think of fall and college and the joys of sleeping outside on the balcony. I can’t wait for crunchy leaves to liter the sidewalks, although I will miss the warmth of summer.

The last few weeks have been packed full of work with the election coming up and a journalism conference in San Francisco on a Saturday, so I really wanted a weekend where I can be lazy.

For the first time, I went to Yoga in the Park. It was so relaxing to downward dog and look at the trees. It also is an impressive site to see like 150 people stretching and relaxing as people ride by on bikes or walk with their kids.

Now, I’m enjoying the breeze with the window open and watching some movies. I’m re-watching O Brother, Where Art Thou?. It has such a wonderful soundtrack. I also watched Sex and the Single Girl, a silly little comedy.

Hope everyone else is enjoying a relaxing Sunday. I think I might finally get off the couch and enjoy this weather with a walk.

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