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Life just keeps coming.

July 28, 2010

I feel like I have been so busy the past month, I’ve just had no time to blog. I’ve headed to Washington DC, to St. Louis and this past weekend went floating on the river. I’m lacking pictures of all these lovely events because I’m having issues with my baby camera. I might take it by Target and see if it needs a new battery or if it’s time for a new cheap camera. Any recommendations of quick point and shoots?

Tomorrow I’m hoping to post some pictures I do have from Brian and Natalie’s wedding. For now, I will have to borrow one from Miss Lauren of some delicious blackberry action. I’ve really tried to take advantage of all the delicious fruit in California, but this was my first time picking my own.

That awesome orange shirt is from my Aunt Ann, who bought me so many great wardrobe additions while I was home.

This weekend Lauren, her sister-in-law Stacie and I will have an adventure we have anticipated for months. The Renegade Craft Fair is finally here. Since I’ve started crafting, I have followed so many inspirational bloggers that teach me how to do new projects/keep me inspired. I can’t believe I will get to meet them. It’s gonna be great.

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