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Skyping with Willy

June 20, 2010

I figured this deserved its own post because I’ve never really posted pictures of Willy. He is a yellow lab my family adopted over Thanksgiving during my freshman year of college right after Bailey, my childhood dog, died.

My mom calls him “the child who never leaves her,” and they never even bothered getting a bed for him. Mainly because he prefers the living room sofa.

He really leads a life of luxury with long naps and fantastic views out our windows, so he can monitor what’s going on in the neighborhood.

He’s the apple of all our eyes. To celebrate Father’s Day, I Skyped with my parents. Willy especially loves these sessions and constantly runs under the desk sniffing for me.

I kept trying to get a better shot, but he’s pretty quick.

His interests include my dad’s slippers, long walks (except when it is humid during the summer) and playing with other puppies in the pool at doggy day care. He likes Christmas because he likes to unwrap his own presents, but his favorite holiday is Halloween when he greets all the neighbor kids in his Mizzou Tiger ears.

So since there is no holiday celebrating puppies, I say cheers to you Willy for brightening our lives and making Skyping a lot more fun for my family.

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