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There will be blood

May 28, 2010

That’s right. On Saturday, Natalie had the pleasure of climbing near my blood, but like a true Intrepid Soul, she was excited about my first rock climbing wound instead of grossed out.

While out here, I have had many fun adventures, including several with Brian, Natalie and their wonderful pup Captain. And while I heard about their rock climbing adventures, I always assumed it wasn’t for me because I’m not a fan of heights. But I’m willing to try most things once, and it was such a fun outing that I want to go again.

They say don’t look down. So naturally, that’s the first thing I did.

This is right around the time I banged my knee. This is as high as I got, but I think it was a success for my first time.

Natalie tried with all her might to get up this wall, and she made it halfway. It was impressive to watch.

And then she scaled the wall I climbed, and that is when she passed my blood.

We were in the remarkable Cosumnes Gorge with its flowing springtime water.

While Natalie climbed, the boys chatted… … and Miss Luna made a little nest in the sun precariously close to the cliff.

And we can’t forget Captain, who also dutifully watched us climb.

Sometimes you need a break.

Natalie before we became completely breathless while trying to get two puppies up a steep hill. Overall, it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday before Brian and Natalie headed up to Portland. But never fear. I will have another adventure with them soon when we go surfing at their wedding. More on how excited I am for that later.

This weekend will hopefully be filled with hiking, bike rides and kayaking. I also kind of want to clean my apartment, wear some cute summer dresses and make some fun crafts. Luckily, I have three days off! Hope everyone has a great Friday.

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