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Any event with legendary in the title has to be good

May 11, 2010

Since I’m a big old copy cat and wanted to figure out a new way to show you some fun photos, I’m stealing Five Senses Monday from Miss Lauren at The Urban Hippie. She recently had a featured pirate post on WordPress! So exciting.

So the goal of five senses is to describe something from your life for each of the five senses. I’m going to focus on my weekend trip to the 14th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Fest with my friends Christy and Dan. It was their second year, so they led me through the ropes as a newbie.


Beer of course. One of my favorites was the MateVeza Organic India Pale Ale. This beer has yerba mate tea in it that makes it naturally caffeinated. Delicious.


Snuggly in my warm sleeping bag after an exhausting day. I had so much fun with my new buddies Christy and Dan and they were kind enough to bring me my very own tent. I need to get one of my very own soon, for sure.


A man dressed as a penguin. Anyone who knows me understands that I have a crazy obsession with the awkwardly loveable birds.  I believe I literally just froze when I saw him and said “I must have a picture with him. Like immediately.”

Honorable mention in this category is beards and mustaches. We really saw some fabulous ones, and even made one guy pose for a photo with Christy.


The next morning in the car on the way back, I could only smell camp fire. Which was weird because we were not near a camp fire. So I think it was the smell of barbecue masking itself as a camp fire.


The roar of the cheering crowd every 10 minutes out of sheer happiness. At first, it made me a bit nervous and startled, but then I joined in cheering my little lungs out too.

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