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I’m in the dog house… literally

March 31, 2010

When you move across the country, life can get a bit lonely at times. Luckily, I picked a great neighborhood to live in and within the first 2 minutes of moving here, I met my neighbors Patrick and Paul. The only word to describe them is family. They take care of me. We watch movies together. We barbecue together. And they let me play with their trio of dogs, Mario, Portia and Sasha.

Most importantly, I always feel like I’m at home when hanging out with them, which is hard to come by in life.

Here’s Patrick with his baby girl Portia.

Here’s Paulie and Portia. She likes to pose with everyone.

Recently, when I went over to their new house that they have remodeled, I got to see the new doghouse Patrick constructed in the backyard. It’s two stories with the bottom portion for the chihuahuas, and the top loft for Portia. The sign doesn’t lie; the pups really are spoiled.

They have a covered porch to sit on when the weather is nice, complete with antique Coca Cola bench.

Mario is the master of his domain.

Paulie even hopped in the dog house. Portia and I are kind of best friends. I had a mini-photo shoot with her.

She has the most beautiful brown eyes. This is my favorite one of her that day.

Unfortunately, I only have one photos of Sasha. She was not in the mood for pictures.

Mario didn’t want to be left out!

And to end, I never said it was easy to get out of the dog house.

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  1. Angelle permalink
    April 2, 2010 12:06 am

    haha so cute! I love it!

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