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A flowery obsession

February 1, 2010
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Every time I’m shopping, I often linger in the flower aisle or the section at the market taking in the colors and fragrance. But I rarely buy because in the grand scheme of purchases in life, flowers just don’t take priority.  But today at the Farmers Market, I just couldn’t resist after spending 10 minutes staring at buckets overflowing with bouquets.

For $6, I got this gorgeous assortment. They also had  bunches of roses for $5, but I liked the variety of colors in this bouquet. I got a real great vase too from the SPCA thrift store down the street for a mere $2.98.

Since bringing them home, I have spent no less than 15 minutes gazing at them and have moved them to a variety of tables throughout my apartment. Even though I don’t really get “winter blues” here, it still is a nice way to brighten your day.

I also did quite of my weekly grocery shopping and got a great assortment of fruits and veggies.

The best deal was easily $0.30 for three small, deliciously strong onions. Look how beautifully they sliced.

I bought a bag of kiwis and have already eaten three of them. In Missouri, I think the only time I ever tasted kiwi was in a strawberry kiwi smoothie. That had no actual fruit in it.

I read online the best way to eat these furry fruits. I cut them in half and grabbed a smaller spoon and slid it between the skin and the soft, juicy fruit. It worked marvelously.

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  1. Jane permalink
    February 2, 2010 12:55 am

    Maggie: I am so glad you like the necklace about blessingsw. I have one myself that has a quote from Mr. Rogers, “You will never go down the drain.” It is rather hokey, but it brought back memories of Rob & Andrew (and me!) watching Mr. Rogers together. Love your blog! Jane

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