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Three things to spiff up Tuesday

January 27, 2010
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While today was a lovely, mostly stress-free Tuesday, there were a couple things that made it even better than usual. I finally got to meet Cindy, a local Lodi artist who I’ve heard so much about. She describes herself as a “mixed media artist who creates whimsical artwork.” It is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring because she often incorporates positive messages into her pieces. She brought me a bookmark of a cheery girl she created, and I’ve already got it tucked safely in a book.

Lauren and I went to Bunches of Beads in Lodi, and I found some bargain beads and that cute little snail. I also am pumped about those leaves and cannot wait to make a necklace for myself.

And finally, I’m in love with these thank you cards that I bought at Newsbeat, a store where I buy my New York Times on Sunday.  They have all sorts of magazines on every subject you can imagine, fun tote bags and tons of stationary. These cards are from Seltzer Goods, and I used them as my thank yous for Christmas. All of the company’s cards are made from post-consumer recycled paper and veggie-based inks.

And the final piece of excitement is my friend Shannon and I decided we are going to send each other Valentine Day care packages. February can be a long, uneventful month (probably more so for her in Ohio), so I can’t wait for this little bit of cheer mid-month.

Hope you found some fun things to keep you busy today!

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