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Some inspiration from a wise old owl

January 23, 2010

I really hate scheduled gift giving. I prefer randomly coming across something and buying it for friends and family members. When forced with having to prepare a gift for Christmas or birthdays, I tend to get stressed out easily.

With several people still on my list during this past holiday season, I turned to The Bead Fetish to make some necklaces. Considering this is a hobby I just recently started and have not that much experience doing, I decided it would be a good way to get experience with the pressure of Christmas as a good incentive to finish my projects.
The necklace for my aunt (left) and my mom (right) were pretty much in my comfort zone. But when I found that adorable owl  at Zanzibar Trading Company, I knew I would have to learn some new skills to get it done for my friend Abbeebee.

$60, a whole bunch of beads and two pairs of pliers later, I sat down to start threading beads, poking myself with a needle and to do my first ever wire necklace.

While not perfect, I was surprised at how easy it was to thread a piece of wire through the owl and create a loop. Not usually being crafty, it was a welcome relief to realize I can work my way through it.

I have several projects planned for the start of this year (namely finally hanging some pictures in my white walled apartment). So I’ll have some pictures shortly.

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